Nuevo Firmware! 2.0

Ya esta disponible el nuevo firm:

1,3 G enhancements of this update is a major part of it should, finally added support for telecommunications, although the egg move pain TD-SCDMA network is not yet supported, and is said to extend to 30 kinds of non-public support for 3G cards, official also verify that at least 17, more than three times as before

2, USB RJ45 adapter is optimized to support and optimize the compatibility, this should be the basic 1.8T firmware fixes some RJ45 LAN support and the problem of poor operation, recovery, and over the 1.7beta firmware level, is the version of firmware for USB RJ45 Ethernet device supports a version of the best

3, the local video aspect, IDX + SUB subtitles support

4, HDMI video output side, 1080P HDMI point to point video optimization, lossless decoding output

5, online video aspect, HTML5 breakpoint continued broadcasting online video, flash player to some extent to optimize …

6, more than one hard disk partition support (currently up to 4 partitions), memory read and write IO performance optimization

7, camera, Novo7 leading version of the pre-effect is more clear and bright, post-optimized video effects, digital zoom

8 to include account synchronization management options, easier to use Google services

9, adding new USB wireless mouse and keyboard support

10, Novo7 leading version of the wifi driver update module manufacturers, is expected to a certain extent, improve the compatibility

11,3 D video further optimized to enhance

12, replaced the native recorder, replace the first boot screen animation and scroll bars

13, significantly reducing the 1.8T to improve and optimize the series as the limit due to the frequent down-and stop response of Caton

14, alarm clock standby mode invalid optimization problems and other small bug fixes



3 Respuestas a “Nuevo Firmware! 2.0

  1. Actualicé ayer a esta versión y ha mejorado bastante el rendimiento. Lo único malo es que la actualización me borró la SD externa, así que cuidado…

    ¡Muchas gracias por tu labor de recopilación de información sobre esta tablet!

    • la SD externa? pero te refieres a la microsd o a la “interna de 8gb” ?? Porque a mi nunca me ha borrado la SD (microsd), lo que si borra es la interna.

      Un saludo!


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