Nueva ROM: FEIYU 125 mas script

Hace unos dias salio una nueva version de la rom FEIYU los cambios respecto a la 115 son

* Fix some hangup caused by driver issue
* Use bootscreen and splashscreen by Jesson_M
* Some minor tweak


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Rom Feiyu 15/01/12 aka 0115

Ya disponible una version de la rom cocinada por FEIYU:


Mejoras en version 0115:

* CM recovery mode added
* Support dm9601 USB to LAN adapter, pl2303 USB to PS/2 adapter
* Wifi Locker added to solve hang up problem
* Licence management, su version upgraded
* Vibration function restored, with the patch to disable it
* Improve low-resolution camera of previous version
* Now compatible to English/Chinese Traditional/Chines Simple except RootManager and NotificationToggle
* Volume control button kept in 2160 official media player
What’s new in this version?
* Render UI with GPU now
* Improve the sliding response, overall touch response, quality of photo and video and JPEG quality to 100%
* Wifi improvement

Mejoras en version 0108:
*New theme
*Support USB game controller
*Support USB bluetooth
*Support iptables

Mejoras en version 0104:
*Fixed sound sync bug while playing video in official firmware
*Totally disable vibration
*Support original remote
*Replace old bootscreen
*Beautified theme and icons
*Utilizing ICS fonts, and honeycomb style widgets
*Optimized version of ADWex launcher
*Remove some apps in official firmware and some tools were added(Cifs Manager, RootExplorer)
*Fast forward and fast backward were added in built-in high-res media player
*Battery information and device information are now available in the setting menu
* Maximal brightness now reaches higher limits than official firmware