Rom Feiyu 15/01/12 aka 0115

Ya disponible una version de la rom cocinada por FEIYU:


Mejoras en version 0115:

* CM recovery mode added
* Support dm9601 USB to LAN adapter, pl2303 USB to PS/2 adapter
* Wifi Locker added to solve hang up problem
* Licence management, su version upgraded
* Vibration function restored, with the patch to disable it
* Improve low-resolution camera of previous version
* Now compatible to English/Chinese Traditional/Chines Simple except RootManager and NotificationToggle
* Volume control button kept in 2160 official media player
What’s new in this version?
* Render UI with GPU now
* Improve the sliding response, overall touch response, quality of photo and video and JPEG quality to 100%
* Wifi improvement

Mejoras en version 0108:
*New theme
*Support USB game controller
*Support USB bluetooth
*Support iptables

Mejoras en version 0104:
*Fixed sound sync bug while playing video in official firmware
*Totally disable vibration
*Support original remote
*Replace old bootscreen
*Beautified theme and icons
*Utilizing ICS fonts, and honeycomb style widgets
*Optimized version of ADWex launcher
*Remove some apps in official firmware and some tools were added(Cifs Manager, RootExplorer)
*Fast forward and fast backward were added in built-in high-res media player
*Battery information and device information are now available in the setting menu
* Maximal brightness now reaches higher limits than official firmware





Ainol saca ICS Oficial para Novo7A

Ayer salio publicado en la web de Ainol un nuevo firmware basado en Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)

Aun siendo oficial, aun queda por pulir, al parecer no sincroniza con el calendario de google, y no va 100% fluida como puede funcionar en Ginger, incluso diria que la respuesta tactil no es tan buena en esta nueva version, da la sensacion de que le pesa a la tablet, y es raro, porque la version beta iba mas ligera.

Tambien podeis instalar un script de mejoras para esta version:

Para tener las Google App (market, youtube, gtalk,gmail…)